How to Help My Second Grader Learn Her Spelling Words?

Answer Learning to spell requires knowledge of sound-letter correspondence, as well as a basic understanding of the English language. Because the ability to spell relies heavily on the ability to read and... Read More »

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How to Help a Second Grader Study for a Spelling Bee?

Participation in spelling bees---where children compete by spelling words verbally---helps youngsters increase their vocabularies. Yet spelling bees do more than teach children how to spell words. ... Read More »

How to Help Students Learn Their Spelling Words?

Spelling well leads to effective communication, both written and verbal. With 26 letters and over 40 sounds in the English language, teaching students spelling words may be challenging. According t... Read More »

How to Learn Words for a Spelling Bee Quickly?

When being told to memorize how to spell every word in the dictionary in just one month, everyone says that it is impossible. But, surprisingly, it is not as hard as you might think that it is. Thi... Read More »

Creative Ways to Learn Spelling Words?

Learning to spell comes easily for some people, but it can be difficult for others. It is important that each student find the technique for learning how to spell that works best for him. Many crea... Read More »