How to Help Labor Progress?

Answer Occasionally, especially for first-time mothers, labor can take much longer than anticipated. This is called latent labor. There are things you can do that will encourage your body to move from lat... Read More »

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I'm almost 39 weeks my doctor said the baby's head is not engaged but he can feel it He measureg you 39 twice for two weeks and only at an half centimeter how can i progress the labor tired of hurting?

Help to further pregnancy at 39 weeks I remembered what happened to me was that the doctor told me to walk and walk.. Go for a walk or walk in the store... Good Luck and Congratulations....

How to Help Your Child Progress in Hockey?

This guide is meant to serve as a basic outline for parents and youth hockey players who have NHL or semi-professional hockey dreams, or just love to play and would like a good education as a bonus.

PLEASE help with an Entity Relation Diagram problem I'm working on. Provided a pic of my progress.?

I don't know how much help I would be since it has been a while since I have done an ERD. I think that the Manager entity is fine without any additional attributes because it has the exact same num... Read More »

Does sex help start labor?

naaaaaaaaaw If the baby is overdue, it is indeed the best way to kickstart the birth. Other methods are chemical induced labor.