How to Help Kids Who Hate Sports Keep Fit?

Answer It's a great idea to encourage children who don't like sports very much to feel a part of the sporting community and to find a sport that suits their temperament. Here are some suggestions to help ... Read More »

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How to Talk Sports for People Who Hate Sports?

As hard as it may seem for some sports over-enthusiasts to understand, not everyone loves or even cares about sports. So, instead of irritating your family, friends, neighbors, bartenders, and co-w... Read More »

I really hate kids and I especially hate babies, but my man says it's time for us to get pregnant. Should I t?

It's totally fine if you don't want children.... that is your choice and nobody can tell you that it's wrong or selfish for feeling that way. However, you and your husband should have discussed thi... Read More »

How many kids hate getting adopted?

I do. I was adopted 4 years ago, and every one of the 3 families that have taken care of me either lost me because of money issues or went to jail for different reasons. I'm going to my fourth fami... Read More »

Most Popular Sports for Kids?

According to the Women's Sports Foundation, 75 percent of boys and 69 percent of girls in the United States play organized team sports. A Women's Sports Foundation 2008 study shows that 40 percent ... Read More »