How to Help Kids Who Don't Want to Learn?

Answer While teaching can be a rewarding profession, working with children who resist learning can cause frustration and stress, as well as prevent children who do want to learn from doing so. However, it... Read More »

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I dont know who the father of my kids is...?

Definately Jezza! I've got a mum heart T-bar pendant you can borrow that'll go nice with yer white patent knee highs!By the way Keisha-Chantelle & Jayden-Jay, beautiful names you must be so proud!I... Read More »

This is derty kids dont read!?

Why do people have kids but leave them behind and dont take care of them?

Because people have sex without thinking of the consequences of impregnating or getting pregnant. I think single woman have to be more responsible and more careful when it comes to having sex. Ever... Read More »

What is the percent of kids that dont live with their biological parents?

It is best that the child goes to whom ever wants to take it in to raise it. If there is a dispute about it, custody can be taken to court to decide.It is up to the father to name the guardian--eve... Read More »