How to Help Ease Gas During Pregnancy?

Answer Any woman who has been pregnant knows that gas can be one of the most embarrassing side effects associated with pregnancy. Not only can it be embarrassing, it can also be very uncomfortable. Gas du... Read More »

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Is group b strep hereditary I had it during my pregnancy will my sister have it during her pregnancy?

I had group b during my first pregnancy, but negative on my second and third. Weird huh?! It's not hereditary. It's something that comes and goes on it's own. Now it's something that they take care... Read More »

Can massage help coccydynia during pregnancy?

Massage is one of the many possible treatments that have been used successfully to relieve the pain associated with coccydynia. Treatment involves massaging and stretching the muscles connected to ... Read More »

Help with heartburn relief during pregnancy?

Certain hormones produced during pregnancy, especially progesterone, work as muscle relaxers on the smooth muscles inside the mother’s body. The muscles that move food downward through the esoph... Read More »

Will Kegel exercises help during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Health BenefitsPregnancy puts added stress on the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder and bowel. Performing Kegel exercises throughout pregnancy can help strengthen... Read More »