How to Help Ease First School Day Fears?

Answer What's the most feared day all year? The first day of school! It's scarier than being stuck in a moonbounce with sugar high three year olds. This article is mainly for high school, but it doesn't r... Read More »

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My 4 yr old daughter is easily distracted at school,has short attention span & has a lot of fears?

My little girl is the same way! I found out that many gifted children are misdiagnosed as being ADD or ADHD.Why do Gifted people act the way they do? One reason is that gifted people become bored... Read More »

How to Face Your Fears?

Many times we know what we fear, and we want to overcome our fears by facing them. When the moment to face the fear approaches, we shirk back, becoming afraid again. How do you face your fears then?

How to Overcome Your Fears?

Do you ever feel like people put pressure on you to succeed in life? Or do you maybe feel that others do not understand or support your goals and ambitions?

Dentist Fears!! Help!?

I cant really remember the time i got my first fillings. But what i DO remember is i didnt feal ANY pain at all :) It dosent hurt it kinda tickles.. the only bad part is the taste of the gum. Its a... Read More »