How to Help Create a Country With Fewer Homeless Pets?

Answer Give this dog a home!Currently in the USA, millions of pets each year are being killed at pounds because there are too many being born for each to have a good, lasting home. Millions more suffer an... Read More »

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Why would you expect there to be fewer bees and butterflies where there are fewer weeds?

Because the flowers that the Bees collect pollen from and produces the nectar that the Butterflies eat is simply not there from being choked out by the weeds. Pull the weeds and the Bees, Butterfli... Read More »

How come fewer and fewer young people can cook?

People don't eat at home anymore. Or, if they do, it's restaurant food. As people are getting busier and busier, family dinners have become a thing of the past, replaced with fast food, TV or mic... Read More »

Does Country Inn& Suites allow pets?

Each Country Inn & Suites location has its own pet policy. While some locations allow pets, other locations only allow service animals for persons with disabilities. Some locations charge a fee for... Read More »

How to Create Paper Pets?

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