How to Help Clients With the Death of a Spouse?

Answer Although there may be a fine line between work and personal life, clients who have recently lost a spouse may need support and care from even the most unlikely places. Unlike communicating in busin... Read More »

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Is a spouse responsible for the unsecured debt after the death of a spouse?

In many cases, a credit card company will write-off debt of a spouse if the credit card was solely in the name of the deceased. If you have co-signed on the debt, you will be responsible for paying... Read More »

Can a spouse be granted full custody with no visitation just because the other spouse was charged with simple assault on her child only once?

Answer Yes. I doubt that any judge of Family Court would buy the "only once" defense. All of the judges, social workers, etc. I have encountered stick to the "Past behavior is a true indicator of ... Read More »

How to Prepare for Death of Spouse?

If your spouse is dying, you may go through a variety of strong emotions, ranging from anger, frustration, hopelessness, and finally, acceptance. Preparing for death is a difficult process. You may... Read More »

Death of a Spouse & Mortgage?

The death of one partner in a marriage can have significant consequences for a mortgage. Exactly what effect it has will depend on whether it was a single or joint mortgage, how much balance remain... Read More »