How to Help Children in Abusive Situations?

Answer Most teachers come across a child who is in an abusive situation at least once in their career. This is a challenging situation for many reasons. The teacher will be anxious to not misinterpret the... Read More »

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Can cps help children whose parents do not financially take care of them due to a gambling addiction and that are in a verbally abusive home?

Does adoption create situations where children are more likely to be dissassociative narcissistic or sociopathic?

A placement, in this context, would be the location where the child is placed following intervention. This can either be public care (subject to a care order), foster carers, accommodated by a loca... Read More »

The duty of all within the sector to safeguard children including the difficulties in situations where your concerns may not been s?

How do you protect children from abusive ex-husband?

Pray. Trusting the courts is like trusting a dis-jointed foot, but God is bigger than your situation.