How to Help Children Sleep During a Thunderstorm?

Answer All little kids and sometimes older kids at one point are scared of thunderstorms. Sometimes the storm starts at their bedtime and they can't sleep. This article will show you how to help calm kids... Read More »

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How to Sleep Through a Thunderstorm?

Flash! Crash! Boom! Another thunderstorm wakes you in the midst of your dream. How are you supposed to get back to sleep and even better, how are you supposed to sleep through a thunderstorm withou... Read More »

Is it ok if I use my laptop during a thunderstorm?

yes you can use ur laptop even during thunderstorm but unplug it. the first damage the thunder/lightning will do to ur laptop is ur sound will be malfunctioned, even the thunder/lightning doesnt s... Read More »

How to Help Children Sleep?

Nighty night!Trying to get your child to go to sleep and stay asleep can be a challenge. The information is very general so use commonsense and age appropriate methods for your child.

How to Calm a Rabbit During a Thunderstorm?

Rabbits can scare easily, especially in harsh weather, such as thunderstorms. The loudest bangs can easily frighten your rabbit. Keeping your rabbit calm is key.