How to Help Cats to Sleep at Bedtime?

Answer Do you have trouble getting sleep at night because your cat is always awake either meowing, running up and down stairs or shuffling papers, etc.? Read on for tips on helping your cat to sleep at th... Read More »

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How to Pre Bedtime Rituals for Better Sleep?

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How to Look Forward to Bedtime and Enjoy Your Sleep?

There is nothing better than some good sleep.Sleep, different meanings and experiences for each person. We all need it and cannot avoid it so why not enjoy it; most people do. Want to look forward ... Read More »

What kind of drinks will help an older person sleep at bedtime?

On One Hand: Ingredients in Tea Ease InsomniaInsomnia, or the inability to sleep, can be alleviated by drinking certain teas. Teas containing lavender, chamomile, spearmint or lemongrass all help a... Read More »

How many hours do cats sleep a day?

Cats are most active during the early morning and later in the evening, as this would be the normal time their prey was active. Virginia Wells of states that cats sleep anywhere from 1... Read More »