How to Help Acquaintances Remember You?

Answer On daily basis we meet a lot of people. Few of them we see again. If you want to be extraordinary and interesting to their thoughts read the steps bellow :

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How to Get Along With Bossy Acquaintances?

Trying to hold your tongue when a bossy colleague or acquaintance begins to tell you your job? Trying to ignore the obvious comments telling you what you already know? Here is how to get along with... Read More »

How to Make Acquaintances Good Friends?

Sometimes the line between "friends" and "acquaintances" is a little blurred. Here's how to make people you know your good friends!

How many people do you call your friends How many more are simply acquaintances?

A friend that would always be there? 6A friend that are a measure or two from that? 16Aquantances? 40 most are business related.

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