How to Hedge Bushes?

Answer You can form hedges out of many types of bushes; however, not all of them form tight compact hedges. Bushes that have loose, long branches will form bushy rows. Boxwoods and holly bushes create tig... Read More »

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How do I trim a hedge with electric hedge trimmers?

Trimmer OrientationStart with the trimmer parallel to the hedge, so the blades only remove the upper-most or side-most leaves and branches. This will keep the hedge squared off and allow you to pru... Read More »

The Role of Hedge Funds & Hedge Fund-Like Mutual Funds in a Portfolio?

The initial design of the hedge fund provided a hedging or insurance for the investment portfolio. Now hedge funds offer aggressively managed portfolios with fewer limitations on the investment cho... Read More »

Can you plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes?

Yes, you can plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes. However, blueberries require more frequent watering. Also, blueberries require less space between plants than do blackberries, so to err ... Read More »

What is a hedge?

A hedge is a bushlike vegetation, some what like a shrub.A hedge is a line of srubs or trees closely planted to form a barrier.