How to Hedge Against Inflation as a Business Owner?

Answer The term "inflation hedge" typically refers to an investment strategy designed to counteract against potential future losses incurred as a result of inflation. Inflation is defined as a wide-spread... Read More »

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How to Hedge Against Inflation as an Individual?

Many people who save up extra money over time want to know how to hedge against inflation as an individual. Inflation is when the purchasing power of an amount of money gets smaller because of a ge... Read More »

How do I hedge foreign currencies against natural risks?

Currency hedging is an important part of international investing. If an investor ships manufacturing to a third-world state, fluctuations in that nation's currency could spell the life or death of ... Read More »

If condo association forecloses on an owner does the lender pursue deficiency judgment against the owner or condo association?

Your attorney can help you answer this question, since it requires a legal answer.

Proper Accounting for Business Owner Depositing Personal Money Into Business Checking Account?

Transactions between a business owner and her company must be accounted for properly for many reasons. To accurately record how much money the company owes the owner or vice versa, every transfer o... Read More »