How to Heat Up Bacon in the Morning?

Answer It may seem cliché, but there really are few things that beat the smell of bacon in the morning. While fresh bacon tastes the best, sometimes you don't have the time to cook bacon, but you might h... Read More »

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A Bowl of Cereal A Bacon & Egg Sandwich Or a Fruit Salad Which would u prefer to start your morning?

Can't function without my bowl of Lucky Charms.Goodnight Scoot!

Bacon Turkey Bacon Or Canadian Bacon Which do you like better?

Bacon and only bacon. I do not eat any of that other crap. I lovee bacon.Night Scooter! :)

Vegitarians and bacon.why are so many veggies swayed by the smell of grilled bacon?

Well, I think it smells disgusting - fatty and greasy and salty and full of all those chemicals they pump into the poor pigs.And I see a couple of the other answerers have come out with that old ch... Read More »

Why do people in the USA call back bacon Canadian bacon?

We are giving y'all credit for it.. be happy eh =) jk Around the turn of the 19th Century, England had a pork shortage and began importing pork "side bacon" from Canada; the English smoked the meat... Read More »