How to Heat Springs to Lower a Car?

Answer Back in the day, the easiest way to lower a car was to heat up the coil springs to lower the car. Today, there are many options for aftermarket springs and suspension components, but if you want to... Read More »

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How to Cut Springs to Lower a Car?

The process of coil cutting has been around for (literally) as long as coil springs have been used on cars. The concept is simple: the coil springs hold your car off the ground, so making them shor... Read More »

Is it ok to cut your springs to make the car lower?

On One Hand: Do Your HomeworkMost stock coil springs are progressive, meaning that they're softer at one end than the other. Even though your springs may be rated at 250 per foot of travel, cutting... Read More »

How to Lower Coil Springs?

While it's easy to purchase a set of lowering springs for your car, you can save some money by simply cutting the stock springs. This also gives you the ability to fine tune the ride height by remo... Read More »

How to Cut Coil Springs to Lower a Truck?

Lowering a truck's suspension can have several benefits, chief amongst them better handling. By lowering the suspension, the center of gravity is lowered, increasing grip and responsiveness. A lowe... Read More »