How to Heat Silly Putty?

Answer This is random, but fun! Heated Silly Putty is a great thing to play with, especially with those cold winter hands!

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How to Pop Silly Putty?

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Who discovered silly putty?

Silly Putty was discovered by James Wright in 1943. He combined boric acid and silicone oil to create what Silly Putty's website calls a "solid liquid". In 1950, an advertising consultant for a toy... Read More »

How do I get Silly Putty off of fabric?

Spray With Oil-Based LubricantRemove excess Silly Putty with a dull knife or a spoon. Spray the stain with an oil-based lubricant (Silly Putty's parent company, Crayola, recommends using WD-40). Le... Read More »

How do I get Silly Putty out of clothes?

Cut ItStretch the clothing tight, and use a butter knife to cut away as much Silly Putty as you can. A serrated knife sometimes works better than a straight knife.Swab ItApply rubbing alcohol with... Read More »