How to Hear the Tone of the Bell from a Spoon?

Answer It is possible to simulate the tone of the bell using a metallic spoon or fork. The sound you hear depends on the size, type and shape of the utensil you use.

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I have a regular analog phone in my garage.. can I hook up a loud bell to it, so i can hear it better from far?

you can buy a huge bell, just make sure yoou do not exceed the REN for your line.after you buy a bell, call your telco and have them increase the REN.good source for real Western Electric bells and... Read More »

Would you be able to hear a train from about two and a half miles away I hear it late at night?

It appears you are answering your own question. Under the right conditions I have heard train whistles from twice that distance, as from the top of a mountain with the train traveling through a val... Read More »

How to Make Your Pet Frog Eat from a Spoon?

If you need to feed your frog for a good reason, such as because your frog is sick, you might consider using this method. However, be aware that this can harm the frog, so it's important to get you... Read More »

How to Hang a Spoon from Your Nose?

You can amaze your friends and get attention at a banquet by hanging a spoon from your nose or by hanging multiple spoons from your nose and face. It is harder than it looks.