How to Heal a Swollen Lip?

Answer This generally works for most swellings be it piercing or wound/cut. This article is to explain how to reduce swelling to a comfortable rate.

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How to Heal a Swollen Zit?

You know you have a zit before you see it. Your face or the area around the zit hurts and it feels like a knot on your body. Instead of walking around with a swollen zit on your face or dealing wit... Read More »

Will my swollen ear heal?

There is nothing you can do for swollen things to be honest, just take it easy and put something cold onto it.

How do you heal a swollen ankle?

It's highly likely that you sprained your ankle. A Grade 2 possibly because there's bruising. 1.) Definitely ice (like everyone else has said) 2.) Elevate your ankle (preferably above heart level) ... Read More »

What will heal my swollen ear besides ice?