How to Heal a Face Rash?

Answer Facial rashes can flare up seemingly out of nowhere, causing self-consciousness and embarrassment. Rashes have a lot of different causes. Most are allergic reactions to food or to allergens that to... Read More »

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How to Heal Armpit Rash?

There are many causes of armpit rash and different treatments for each cause. Symptoms might include itching, rash, darkening of the skin, flakiness, pain and increased odor. You will want to know ... Read More »

How to Heal Urticaria (Skin Rash)?

Hives or Urticaria are raised, itchy, red welts on the skin. They are usually an allergic reaction. Most of the time the reasons are unknown. This remedy works very well on hives, but also on other... Read More »

How to Heal a Baby's Severe Diaper Rash?

If you have a baby with a severe diaper rash at home; this is the article for you. Is your baby constantly crying when you change his or her diaper from the pain?Did you buy products that claim to ... Read More »

How to treat a face rash?

Take some allergy medicine because that always helps me when I have allergic reactions to things. Rinse the burn off with cool running water. Pat it dry if you can and apply triple antibiotic ointm... Read More »