How to Heal a Cut on a Horse?

Answer Horses are helpful to humans in many ways. They help us with our work and get us from place to place, though not as much now as they used to do. Today, horses are more for entertainment and pleasur... Read More »

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How to heal a horse's cut quickly?

Apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound. The hair will take time to grow back. Sorry, there isn't any way to make the hair grow back faster.Wounds take time to heal. Even on horses.Good luck

How to Heal a Cracked Horse Heel?

Even with every ounce of prevention possible, a horse develops cracked heels or greasy heels in damp weather conditions. A cracked heel causes inflammation and pain, making it difficult for a horse... Read More »

What is the length of a 2-horse slant load Logan competitor horse trailer?

The length of a Logan horse trailer depends upon the towing method. For all Logan trailers, including the Competitor, the length is 14 feet 3 inches for a bumper pull and 23 feet for a gooseneck tr... Read More »

How to Make a Horse Relaxed at a Horse Show?

At horse shows, especially your first ones, your horse can get very excited and unmanageable, which results in little fun for you and your horse. Sometimes the reasoning is that your horse is too g... Read More »