How to Heal Using Chakra?

Answer Different chakras stand for different areas of the body, and can disfunction in different ways. Feelings, thoughts, traumas, and even illnesses of the body can lodge in the chakras, impeding health... Read More »

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How to Heal Emotional Damage Using Music?

We've all been knocked down at least once in our lives. Whether it's because of a loss of a friend or family member or a bad experience that happened to us, it is very easy for us as human beings t... Read More »

How to Heal With Crystals Using the Fire Breathing Technique?

A simple and powerful way to charge crystals with life force energy.

How to Heal Cuts Quickly (Using Easy, Natural Items)?

Cuts, depending on the size, can take quite some time to heal. Using this guide, and some natural; safe remedies and easy tips, you can heal your cuts in next to no time with little to no scarring.

How to Use a Chakra Kit?

Chakras are thought to be energy fields that encompass seven different areas of the body and spirit. Most chakra kits contain seven stones of seven different colors to represent each chakra of the ... Read More »