How to Heal Scar Tissue in the Lungs?

Answer The lungs are a key part of the respiratory system. The lungs contain a vast number of airway components known as bronchi and other smaller ones known as bronchioles, which extend to the alveoli, o... Read More »

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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Scar Tissue on Lungs?

Scar tissue on the lungs can occur from a variety of illnesses or injuries. Its symptoms often begin as a small cough or shortness of breath, though they can increase steadily to impact a person's ... Read More »

What is the tissue that covers and protects the lungs?

Pleura is the thin tissue that covers and protects the lungs. It is made up of two layers, the inner layer and the outer layer, with a small amount of liquid between the layers. According to the Ma... Read More »

What kind of tissue is stroma of the lungs?

Stroma is a connective tissue in the lungs. The purpose of stroma is to support the lungs and connect various parts within the organ to one another. The term stroma is of Greek origin and means "so... Read More »

I have scar tissue on my lip?

Yes, there are some ways to remove the scar tissue. Surgery is one way.