How to Heal Painful Wounds and Charges from the Past?

Answer We all have them. Emotional wounding from our childhood. An event, a person, something happened to create a cluster of pain and beliefs surrounding that pain. Years can go by, and as long as that w... Read More »

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Can feral cats heal from wounds without care?

On One Hand: Cat Wounds Usually Need CareFeral cats, especially unneutered males, are likely to fight. Fight wounds often lead to infection, which could prove to be quite harmful to the cat, accord... Read More »

How to Heal Old Wounds?

It doesn’t seem to always matter if you broke up with someone a year or a decade ago. If you haven’t taken the time to heal from old wounds, you may be harboring negative emotions that are stor... Read More »

How to Heal Family Wounds?

Family wounds can cut the deepest, but family is the most important thing in the world. It is worth the effort it takes to recreate bonds. Here are some steps found to be effective to healing famil... Read More »

Can sperm help to heal wounds?

healthy sperm can heal infections and sores. not because of direct bacterial action though.healthy sperm heals because the accompanying testosterone, comes into contact with tiny blood capillaries.... Read More »