How to Heal Hot Spots on Your Dog?

Answer Hot spots on dogs are quite common. These are often moist, foul smelling areas of your dog's body that they bite or gnaw at, scratch or constantly rub against things to find relief. These areas may... Read More »

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How long does it take your mouth to heal after taking your wisdom teeth out?

It takes a long time for the holes to completely close up but after 3 or 4 days you will be eating fine and it wont bother you, just make sure you keep the holes clean. Bread really likes to get st... Read More »

How to Get Rid Of Your Age Spots?

Too much time in the sun without protection and getting older can result in embarrassing age spots. Although they aren't harmful, you may want to get rid of them, especially if they're large. It is... Read More »

If your hamster got sucked up into your vacuum cleaner and now his back leg just sort of hangs there and you don't have money for a vet will it heal on it's on?

Answer The leg is obviously broken. You should go to a veterinarian or the hamster might never get back the use of the leg. If you cannot afford it, contact the nearest Animal Protection Society, t... Read More »

How do you Heal a cut in your mouth?

Basically, you can't do much. Clean it with a light salt-water mix, or a hydrogen peroxide and water mix (very diluted). Make sure you brush/floss well to keep the chances of infection down.Fortu... Read More »