How to Heal Bruises Fast?

Answer Do you have a bruise in a very visible place that you want to get rid of? Here's how!

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Heal Bruises Fast !?

Just go to the drug store and get Arnica ointment. It is the top remedy for bruises, and anytype of injury. It comes in pills also at the health stores for more serious injury.Rub this on the bruis... Read More »

How to get rid of bruises FAST!!!?

Garlic is a natural Antibiotic.Do not apply heat for the first 3 days.Taking vitamin K and C will helpSweet potatoes are high in CRub the bruise with wet oatmealor a banana peel. Also, warm oil af... Read More »

What vitamin is lacking in your body when bruises don't heal quickly?

Lack of ascorbic acid (vitamin c) is the most probable cause of bruising. It's primary function is in collagen synthesis and vascular homeostasis.Lack of tocopherol (vitamin E) works in tandem with... Read More »

Whats a fast way to get rid of bruises?

Well I hate to tell you that getting rid of the bruise depends on your immune system and the complexion of your skin but, I do have a remedy that will speed along the healing process, and remove th... Read More »