How to Have the Ultimate Sweet 16 Birthday?

Answer Turning 16 years old is an important milestone in the life of a teenager that is often marked with a party to celebrate. Pressure from magazines and television shows means that teens today are cont... Read More »

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What kind of sweet 16 birthday party should i have?

Well how about a regular sweet 16 Birthday Party

My sister is having her 16th birthday soon but the problem is that she doesnt have very many friends and our parents are on a low budget so how can i give her the best sweet 16?

That is very sweet and thoughtful!I have 1 suggestion: Ask your parents if they can afford to take the family to dinner at a restaurant of her choice and if she can invite a friend or two.Let the ... Read More »

Sweet 16 Birthday Idea's?

Hotodgs Hambrugersget some chips and dipsVegtable Platter with Ranch dipWell some pasta saldOr Baked BeansPotato sald

Sweet 16 Birthday Activities?

A young woman's 16th birthday is a momentous occasion, and a special party thrown in her honor is often the most important part of this milestone. Engaging a group of young adults for the duration ... Read More »