How to Have the Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek (Outside)?

Answer Have you always been chosen to be a seeker because you are just so bad at Hide-and-Seek? Or maybe your always the first to be caught because you cannot think of a good hiding spot in the short amou... Read More »

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How to Play Ultimate Hide and Seek?

Bored with normal games? Then play ultimate Hide-and-Seek! It's the best boredom-buster game out there!!

What was original name of the game hide&seek?

A favorite childhood pastime worldwide for centuries and known by a plethora of names, Hide-and-Seek is apparently derived from an ancient Greek game called Apodidraskinda. It was first explained i... Read More »

Where did the game Hide& Seek originate?

The child's game of "Hide and Seek" originated between 1665 and 1675. The original location of the game is more difficult to pinpoint, as it crops up across the world as a variant of "tag" and "kic... Read More »

How to Teach the Alphabet Playing a Hide and Seek Matching Game?

Teaching the alphabet to students who have severe handicapping disabilities is a daunting task because often these students have a preschool cognitive level along with developmental delays. These ... Read More »