How to Have the Same Computer Image on Two Screens?

Answer There are several reasons to want to connect more than one display to a single computer. Many of these require sending different data to each display--setting up multiple screens to increase the si... Read More »

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FAQ on Computer LCD Screens?

The advent of liquid crystal display (LCD) computer screens marks a breakthrough in the technology of displaying electronic images on a screen. The mechanics of LCD monitors does not improve on the... Read More »

How are computer screens made?

the basic part is a large glass bubblethere is a fancy mesh screen at the front viewing areathere is something called an electron gun at the backits a very high voltage potential , the electrons ar... Read More »

How best to clean computer screens?

Look, best absolute way is to turn off power and use slightly damp lint free cotton cloth with water, and then dry with dry lint free cotton cloth. ~

How to Get More Virtual Screens for Your Computer?

If you're keen to add more virtual screens to your computer, this method might be one that works for you. It involves making an easy download for free and then following through the instructions se... Read More »