How to Have an Imaginary Animal/Pet?

Answer Look, a dragon!No, no, no, no. That's probably what your parents said after you asked them for a pet. Well you know what? Imaginary pets can sometimes be better than real pets. They can always be b... Read More »

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How to Have an Imaginary Friend As a Teenager?

Many teenagers need someone to talk to who will not argue, or who will agree with them. An imaginary friend is the perfect solution. You can keep them to yourself, and they can give you courage and... Read More »

How to Have an Imaginary Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Are you lonely? Is there no chance of you getting a real bf/ gf? This is a solution, especially if you're eccentric like me. Here's how to make an IM (Imaginary) boyfriend or girlfriend.

How to Have a Secret Imaginary Friend?

Having a secret and imaginary friend is a wonderful play activity. Anyone who has seen Drop Dead Fred will know just how useful a secret and imaginary friend can be for blaming when things go nuts.... Read More »

How to Own an Imaginary Pet?

Are you hopelessly bored? Need company? Or badly want a pet? Well, what better to do than make and own an imaginary pet!