How to Have an Extremely Inexpensive Vacation?

Answer Need a vacation but you can't spend much money? What about if you can't spend ANY money at all? The vacation is all mental, you just have to know how to make an everyday trip feel like the trip of ... Read More »

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How to Take Extremely High Speed Photographs With an Inexpensive Camera?

High-speed photography is an exciting area of photography that captures some amazing images. The close-up splash of a drop of rain in perfect focus, a match-head in mid-spark as it is lit, a hummin... Read More »

I have extremely dry skin on my forehead?

- Aloe vera gel is moisturizing, improving rough facial skin;- Take evening primrose oil that contains essential fatty acids.- Sandalwood and rose oils: put 2 drops over a tablespoon of wheat germ ... Read More »

How to Have an Inexpensive Ski Day?

Skiing and snowboarding are fun and challenging sports that people of all types and skill levels can enjoy. √ā¬†Unfortunately the price of a ski day continues to rise, but there are many ways to comb... Read More »

I have an EXTREMELY bad acne problem....HELP!!!!!!?

You should go to a dermatologist. By the sound of it, you seem to have a severe case of acne that is most likely not going to go away with the use of topical products. You need something strong tha... Read More »