How to Have an Effective Session with a Therapist?

Answer Seeing a therapist can be a productive solution for dealing with a wide range of life problems. However, if you're not prepared for your sessions, or you and your therapist are not a "match", it ca... Read More »

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How to Prepare for a Session With a Therapist?

Therapists are trained to talk, discuss and help you over a a wide range of issues - from depression to traumatic experiences. Many contact a therapist as a last resort, when they finally realize t... Read More »

How to Have a Study Session With Friends?

At their best, study sessions with friends will make you motivated, inspired and make your grades higher. At their worst, you could end up giggling and gossiping and accomplishing nothing. This art... Read More »

Does an occupational therapist or a physical therapist have a higher salary?

Physical therapists earn a higher salary than occupational therapists. According to, physical therapists with one to four years of experience earn a median annual salary of $53,097 to ... Read More »

I have tested positive as pregnant 3 weeks. During the 1st week before I know I am pregnant I had a sauna lasting three 10 minute sessions with a cooling off between each session. Any comments?

Answer I am not sure what you mean by 3 weeks pregnant as this is 3 weeks after your last period when you would not have a positive test. You get pregnant 2 weeks BEFORE your missed period. Wha... Read More »