How to Have an Attitude?

Answer Are you too shy? Do people walk all over you? Maybe you need to have a little attitude to show people what's what. Here's how.

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How to Have a Zen Attitude?

Zen is a form of meditation with a focus on the mindful awareness of the present moment. In common lexicon, the phrase "being zen" or "having a zen attitude" has come to mean viewing life calmly wi... Read More »

Whats ur attitude like...?

good when people aren't doing things to annoy me.bad when people are doing things to annoy me.My mood really depends on others i guess.

How to Have an Awesome Attitude?

This article will teach you how to have a positive attitude in a life filled with so much injustice. It is true that when you set your mind to something you really can do it, but don't forget to ki... Read More »

How to Improve Your Attitude?

To improve your attitude means to improve your mind, there are many aspects in life that can create a negative impact on the our thought process.Think about it the change from a positive attitude t... Read More »