How to Have an Accent for a School Play?

Answer So you have got a part in a school play, and you are required to put on a "British accent". Whilst in reality, there are many accents in the British Isles - some of them so different that it is har... Read More »

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The Maxwell CD-RW Won't Play on the Hyundai Accent?

Most Hyundai Accents now come with a built-in CD player. This allows you to listen to audio discs that you purchase as well as music CDs that you burn yourself. If you are having trouble using a Ma... Read More »

Did you know that if you say "beer can" in a British accent it sounds like "bacon" in a Jamaican accent?

HA HA! =^.^=Cheers, I'm British, and I think when ever I'm down I might just happily recite "beer can" over and over.Thanks! You've genuinely improved my life today!

What 'category' of British Accent is the accent from Stroke-on-Trent, UK?

Potteries is more of a dialect rather than just an accent. Technically I suppose it's an urban North Midlands accent, but when I first moved to the area I had to really concentrate on the "May and ... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between an Irish Accent and a British Accent?

British & Irish accents are very different, however a certain part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, specifically has Irish accents. There are differences between the accents, knowing these ... Read More »