How to Have a Younger Boyfriend in School?

Answer So, you've found someone that makes you feel great. He makes you happy, and you are on the same page in everything. Oops, he's two years younger? Here's how to deal.

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If you have two kids one younger and one older should you give the younger one more attention?

No, you should give the elder one and the younger one equal attention. If you give the younger one all the attention, the older one would be more jealous, angry, and mean to the younger one. If you... Read More »

How do you get your younger sister a boyfriend?

Try to make her more attractive to guys and give her lessons on what guys like that she may not know already.

How to Have Fun with Your Boyfriend at a Dance (Middle School)?

Just started going out with your boyfriend and don't know how to act at the dance? Well here's some easy, painless, ways to just be yourself and have fun with him at the dance!

What do you do if you have to share your birthday with a younger sibling and they come to your younger sibling's party and not yours?

You could organize a separate mini party with some of your closer friends. Maybe you could go see a movie or have a sleep over.