How to Have a Worry Free Period?

Answer Most of the time you have to classify your period as deep impending hell, right? Well, don't worry. Nearly all women know how horrible it can be, and that's why we want to help. Here are some thing... Read More »

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How to Have a Mess and Worry Free Monthly Period?

Have you ever worried about having your period in a situation when you least expect it? Afraid to wear those new white pants? Read on for the solution! You don't have to stop doing what you enjoy, ... Read More »

I had dry sex w no clothes he did not ejaculate on me I got my period the 22nd it was on time you can still get your period while being pregnant I took a test it came up negative Should i worry?

no u do not have to worry you cant get pregnant. unless the guy ejackulates inside you can get pregnant. if u missed your period then you have to worry.

Im 13 and my period is light! should i worry?

Periods in teenage girls will be very irregular for up to two or three years after menstruation first begins. It's normal to experience very heavy bleeding at some points and light bleeding at othe... Read More »

How long after a girl's period is it safe to have sex without the worry of getting pregnant?

AnswerCheck this site. the only way to be sure you willnot get pregnant is not to have sex.If you are having sex get some proper birth contol.  Imp... Read More »