How to Have a Truly Caring Christmas?

Answer Are your stress levels soaring at Christmas? Do you want to do things a little differently, or would you be open-minded about doing so? Do you care about the world as well as your cash. Maybe these... Read More »

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I have no been doing so good in the teeth caring regimine!?

First, it's your attitude that should get corrected. Self-discipline is the only way to get through the process of dental hygiene.Then brush atleast 2 times a day. Floss after every brush. You can ... Read More »

What you wish you would have known about labor/delivery and caring for a newborn?

Labour hurt more than I though it would. My son was face up so I had complications. You may poop deal with it. Its not the end ot the world just the end of shame. Not much can embarass you afte... Read More »

“When is one food you truly disliked at one time but that you have grown to enjoy?

pizza when i was a little kid because i didn't like vegetables at the time

Have you ever been truly faced with your own mortality (illness or such)?

Yes, I have. I was told my cancer has metastasized and they cannot cure it. Chemo will not make my life longer. So, after I cried and didn't cope I decided to think about death and dying as some... Read More »