How to Have a Sucessful Ninja Group?

Answer The way to be successful as a ninja is to have good members to make a good team to back you up when you need it it will help learn martial arts and train yourself and your members help them out. A ... Read More »

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How to Make a Ninja Group?

Would you want to be part of an epic ninja group? It's more fun to be a ninja with friends, so get together a few.

Do i have to ask permission before posting on a related group saying, "come share my group"?

permission? there arent rules like that on facebook - do what you want

Are there any dangers in transmitting Group G strep to a baby if you have Group G strep infection in your genital tract?

If you need medication because you have worms you have to ask your doctor what to take. This one is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are looking for a way to terminate the pregnancy (abo... Read More »

Why is Canon so sucessful?

reliable hardware for affordable prices