How to Have a Straight Back?

Answer Having "good posture" is not always the same as having a straight back, since sometimes you're encouraged to stick your chest and butt out, as this creates more of an "S" shape. Here are some ways ... Read More »

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How to Part Cornrows Straight Back?

Cornrows are a relatively popular and low maintenance hairstyle. They are also relatively easy to do, and with just a few supplies, you'll have a new hairdo in no time. Does this Sp... Read More »

I want my beautiful straight hair back!?

the best way to get rid of your perm and get your hair back is to let it grow out because if you try to do other products then it can damage it even more.

How to Sit Straight Without Your Back Hurting?

Sometimes, having good posture can really hurt. If you're one of those people who have a hard time sitting straight without getting back pain, then read on.

How to Get Hair Back to Straight After a Perm?

Because the chemicals remain in your hair until it grows out, the only way to eliminate a perm completely is to cut off the treated hair. Chopping off your precious locks, however, is probably not ... Read More »