How to Have a Sophisticated Bedroom?

Answer Having a sophisticated bedroom means it looks worldly, elegant, and refined. You can easily incorporate those qualities into whatever theme you choose for your room. Won't it be nice to have someon... Read More »

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Is it a true test of sobriety 2 feel sophisticated when you are drunk or to be able to pronounce sophisticated?

...honestly..sophisticated is not a word that would enter my vocabularywhen I drink........were you drinking when you thought of this?? ;-)

How to Have a Sophisticated Sleepover?

Sleepovers are always a blast, but everything you do at a sleepover is sort of immature. Think about it- pillow fights, junk food, playing on the computer, watching cheesy teen movies. Well I will ... Read More »

Is it ok to have only 1 return air vent located in a downstairs bedroom of a 2 story condominium prob not so would it be ok to relocate it outside the bedroom in the entry hall AC thermostat is up?

Your question is two-fold: one to be answered by your board and another to be answered by an expert in HVAC matters. As to your condominium: before you install any air vent, it will be a good idea ... Read More »

If you have a disabled child you have a 3 bedroom section 8 voucher how can you change it to a 4 bedroom section 8 voucher?