How to Have a Sophisticated Bedroom?

Answer Having a sophisticated bedroom means it looks worldly, elegant, and refined. You can easily incorporate those qualities into whatever theme you choose for your room. Won't it be nice to have someon... Read More »

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Is it a true test of sobriety 2 feel sophisticated when you are drunk or to be able to pronounce sophisticated?

...honestly..sophisticated is not a word that would enter my vocabularywhen I drink........were you drinking when you thought of this?? ;-)

Who is more sophisticated the FBI or the CIA?

That is a stupid question, they are two different things. that's like asking what is more sweeter apples or bananas . As depicted in movies (fiction) I would say the CIA is more "sophisticated".

How to Become a Sophisticated Adult?

Becoming sophisticated isn't about just dressing the part, its about developing an entire attitude. It's not to say this can happen overnight, but with a little effort you can become the essence of... Read More »

Sophisticated Hairstyles?

If you're going for a more sophisticated look for a job or an interview, it is best to keep your hair off your face with as little fuss as possible. Hair pulled back indicates a level of seriousnes... Read More »