How to Have a Soft or Fierce Model Look with Makeup?

Answer Models are paid to pull off different looks. One of their talents is how they can one day look like a soft, gentle expression of a feminine ideal, and then later that night they can change their pr... Read More »

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How to Have a Fierce Look or Soft Look when Taking Photos?

Modeling is fun, but it can be hard to get the looks right. Here's a simple guide to be a great model.

Fierce Makeup Styles?

Most women wear makeup. They throw on some understated eye shadow, liner and mascara and head to work. While this is a perfectly fine makeup style, not every woman wants to look ordinary. Fierce ma... Read More »

How do I Load an Airstrike Model As240 Soft Air Gun?

The Airstrike 240 is an air soft pistol from the manufacturer, Daisy. It is a much more substantial pistol than many other air soft pistols, due to its mostly metal construction, and its ammunition... Read More »

How to Keep Makeup Brushes Soft?

Anyone who wears makeup regularly is likely to have more than one makeup brush in a makeup kit, but not everyone takes the time to maintain them. Dirty brushes are rife with bacteria, oil, and old ... Read More »