How to Have a Schedule for the Summer?

Answer Ahhh, summer vacation; a time of the year when everyone is at camp or hanging out with family and friends. Are your days so packed that you don't know how to manage your time? Make a schedule!

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If a father moves out of state can he get his visitation schedule changed from every other weekend to every summer?

Answer That would be a decision that would the judge would have to make if the parents could not agree on the change of visitation.The biggest obstacles would be the age of the child and the method... Read More »

Is Schedule 80 PVC stronger or weaker than Schedule 40 PVC?

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Do I Have to File Schedule D?

Certification training for police officers is the education and evaluation of their skills prior to them entering the field. This involves teaching new recruits how to react and deal with common si... Read More »

Do you have a regular bed time schedule?

I go to sleep at 10 and I don't eat later than 8.