How to Have a Reputation As a Party Girl?

Answer Do you dream of being like Paris and her friends...partying it up and getting waste-faced at the hottest clubs in L.A.?? Well, partying and club hopping are my only full time job so I'll let you in... Read More »

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How to Get a Girl if You Have a Bad Reputation?

So, you have a bad reputation - maybe as a bit of a thug, bad boy or player. Your reputation is in shreds (but maybe you don't realise!) however you want a girlfriend (for whatever reason!)

How to Be a Party Girl?

Party girls just want to have fun. Yet they also don't want stalkers or creepy perverts chasing them around either. Just how do you find the perfect balance between shaking your booty and keeping y... Read More »

How to Have a Party Girl Room?

A little step into the nightlife is unnecessary if your own bedroom shows off a glimmer of the club glitter.

How to Avoid Being "That Guy" (or Girl) at a Party?

Everyone has seen "that guy" (or often girl) occasionally at a party- the one who's too obnoxious, too trashed, or too anti-social. Chances are, that guy will be the one with obscene sharpie drawin... Read More »