How to Have a Proper Morning Tea?

Answer Hi girls if you want a proper snack between breakfast and Lunch. You can try having a tea party. Down below i will show you how to attend & host a morning tea.

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What is the proper punishment for my 17 year old who got caught drinking a beer this morning?

Sorry Smurfy. She's at that difficult age. Time to be there but start letting go. Her screw ups are her own now.

Is it normal to have 223 blood sugar after you eat and have 104 in the morning and still not have diaetes?

As a diabetic myself, the best advice I can give you is go see your doctor, talk to him. I'm not saying you have it, I'm just saying don't listen to others, listen to the people (doctors) that stud... Read More »

I have a room with no window, have 1 fan in it. Stomach becomes tight every morning, what to do?

a room without a window is a problem. hope you get out often and get some fresh air and sunshine. staying in such a room for long periods over the years can make you sick and ill. you need the hea... Read More »

I have lost my little finger this morning and have done a good job patching it up with bandages and plasters.?

I shouldn`t worry too much `cos your nose is gunna fall off later.