How to Have a Pot Bellied Pig for a Pet?

Answer Potbellied pigs are very "special" animals. If you understand their personalities, and quirks, they are like two year old children - intelligent, curious, mischievous, and, sometimes manipulative. ... Read More »

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How to Get a Pot Bellied Pig to Take Antibiotics?

Got a sick pig? Make sure s/he takes the necessary medicine.

What do blue bellied lizards eat?

Blue-bellied lizards, formally known as western fence lizards, feed on insects, small spiders and other arthropods. According to the San Diego Natural History Museum, the reptiles are known as "blu... Read More »

How big is a Black-bellied Seedcracker?

The Black-bellied Seedcracker (Pyrenestes ostrinus) is a common species of estrildid finch found in Africa. This red-headed bird is the size of a small robin, about 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches in lengt... Read More »

How big is the black-bellied seedcracker?

The black-bellied seedcracker, or Pyrenestes ostrinus, is a small finch that lives in the equatorial rain forests of Africa. It is about 5 1/2 inches long and typically weighs less than an ounce.Re... Read More »