How to Have a Positive Atitude to School?

Answer School is not that bad, when you think of your future.School can be fun if you choose to make it fun.

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Does a four day school week have positive or negative effects on students?

On One Hand: Positive EffectsAdditional time in the school day provides more project, research and laboratory time. Three-day weekends free more time for part-time jobs. The extra day off provides ... Read More »

Can a child have o positive blood if the mother is A positive and the father is A negative?

Yes. Regarding blood type, each person has two blood group genes--one from each parent. The blood types sort like this:For blood type O: O/OFor blood type A: either A/A or A/OFor blood type B: eith... Read More »

If one parent has A positive blood and the other has O positive blood what type will the baby have?

Answer The cross would be AA x OO or AO x OO which would result in either AO or OO depending on whether the A+ person was AA or AO. so they would be either A+ or O + it doesn't really depend on wh... Read More »

Positive Attitudes in School Children?

Kids and their teachers both enjoy school when the children have positive attitudes. Because life can have ups and downs, children may benefit from regular activities that provide practice of posit... Read More »