How to Have a Pirate Party (for Kids or Adults)?

Answer Ahoy Matey! Prepare for an adventure on the high Pirate party seas with these swashbuckling ideas that will blow you and your guests outta the water!

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Pirate Party Games for Adults?

It's a given that children love pirates. But hosting a pirate-themed party specifically for adults is a fun idea that lets the partygoers set free their playful and youthful sides. Adult parties ca... Read More »

How do I make bunk beds look like a pirate ship for a kids party?

Pirate FlagsCreate two pirate flags out of a large black poster board by painting a skull and crossbones with white paint. Put the first one on the outside of the foot of the bed (ensuring it is vi... Read More »

Fun Party Games for Kids & Adults?

It can be difficult to host a party for both kids and adults in which both groups feel equally entertained. Since this situation can occur in such parties as family reunions and employer family pic... Read More »

What are some good Halloween party treats that both kids and adults can enjoy?

Kids and adults love fresh bread sticks. So I always buy bread dough, shape them into fingers and place a sliced almond on the end to look like a witches finger. Then I sprinkle some Kraft Shredd... Read More »