How to Have a Pet Cat and Some Gerbils?

Answer Having multiple pets in one household can be fun and rewarding. However, as a naturally predatory animal, cats are prone to act out their hunting instincts on other, smaller pets. The trick to a su... Read More »

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Can gerbils have cardboard in their cage?

Cardboard is perfectly safe for gerbils to play with. In fact, toilet paper tubes are their favorite toys. Just make sure your gerbil is shredding the cardboard, not eating it. The cardboard will f... Read More »

Is it normal if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having some sharp sudden pains some low in your abdomen and some up towards your ribs but you have had no blood?

Answer I am also six weeks and have experienced the same thing. It may be what is called "round ligament pain". Here's a page that will explain it..... Read More »

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How to Shop for Gerbils?

Kissing gerbilsGerbils are fun pets whose delightful antics will keep you in stitches. Here are a few hints to ensure you buy a gerbil from the pet shop that are healthy and active pets, and keep t... Read More »