How to Have a Party for 100 Dollars?

Answer Where in tough times, but our parties for our children, our graduation don't have to suffer. Make a party for a $100 with just a few tips and money saving ideas.

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I spend about 400 dollars yesterday on my sweet 16 party. is that alot does it seem worth it?

Ya,your only 16 once.Compared to mine yours was cheap I went to Australia for 3 weeks for my 16,Try footin' the bill for that!

I'm throwing a small party masquerade party/sleepover I have don't know what to wear for the masquerade party?

It's a good dress, would go well with a mask, but remember that most Victorian-era dresses were much longer. Even today, there are still masquerades in Italy. If it was a bit longer then it would b... Read More »

I have been notified that i have won $1million dollars in the American lottery. I did select numbers and send?

You probably signed up for FreeLotto which I have one dozens of time. I only won $1.00 but still I won. They only require credit cards if you want to automatic picks and the results mailed to you d... Read More »

If you paid 600 dollars for your cat's appointment when you obtain insurance can you submit a claim the 600 dollars?