How to Have a New Year's Eve Sleepover (Teens)?

Answer If you want to have the most perfect party ever, then this will tell you how. It includes food, entertainment, location, games and guestlist!

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How to Pack for a Sleepover (for Teens and Pre Teens)?

Here are some ideas on what to pack for any sleepover. Remember, if your doing something special then pack what you need for that activity. Have fun!(:

How to Have a Sleepover (for Teens)?

Having friends over is always fun, having them overnight is even better! But, let's face it, sometimes you run out of things to do! Read on for more sleepover fun...

How to Be a Fun Sleepover Guest (Teens)?

Some sleepovers can be painfully boring. If you want to be a good guest but almost fall asleep with nothing to do, what should you do? This article will tell you some great things to do and bring t... Read More »

How to Pack for a Sleepover (Teens)?

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